Quiver's Banger for the People (2 Pack)

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Our Banger for the People is constructed from 100% pure Quartz. We proudly manufacture our pieces in one of the top Quartz production facilities in the world.

A banger is a banger is a banger... There isn't a ton that separates one company from another. It comes down to few specific dimensions that play a large overall role in the experience you have. 

We felt that 20mm was too small a diameter and 25mm too big, so we went with 22mm; and she feels just right. We also made sure that the bowl had depth, we did this to increase surface area and to prevent sucking your oil through the neck of your banger. We made the entire dish 2mm thickness because we think that is the sweet spot for fast heat and cool down while also keeping heat retention. 

This lil Betty will get the job done!




Wall thickness-2mm


p.s. For the connoisseurs; we like and enjoy both hot and cold starts. We prefer hot most of the time. That said, These bangers are the COLD START QUEENS!